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Are You Ready To Make A Change?

If you or your loved one are a substance abuser who needs help, then Change Your Life is right for you. We are an organization here to help make treatment for opiate addiction affordable to anyone. Regardless of your race, color, age or economic status, treatment is available now. 

When the founder of Change Your Life from Opiates Addiction, INC sought treatment for his addiction to painkillers, it was an outrageous $14,000 for just a few days - an amount that is out of reach for most addicts. Sure, there are free clinics available, but not without extensive waiting list, That just leaves most addicts without hope and nowhere to turn.

Our research is showing that this "Painkiller" epidemic is rapidly turning into a "Heroin" epidemic. The crack-down on pill mills is causing prescription medications like Oxycodone and Oxycontin to become unavailable and too expensive whereas heroin is readily available and comparatively cheap. This is a very disturbing and scary turn. Not only is Heroin illegal, the quality is unregulated so we are seeing needless deaths everyday.

This is the passion and motivation that founded Change Your Life. It is their CRUSADE to find a more realistic solution that will work for anyone. 



Change Your Life has the expertise and support required to help break opiate addictions and restore a better quality of life. We employ a hands-on approach and maintain continual contact by phone. Our mentors are recovering addicts and have been where you are now. We will help you take the steps necessary, whether it is admittance to a facility, outpatient therapy or taking medication under a doctor’s supervision. Our treatment is designed so you don't lose your job. Change Your Life , works with private certified doctors to prescribe medications such as Subutex and Suboxone to address your withdrawals. These are government-approved drugs and they work!! Your treatments are completely confidentially- nobody will know except who you choose.  

If you have tried to do it on your own but couldn’t, Change Your Life can make you successful.

If you are afraid to tackle this demon, Change Your Life can tell you what to expect and give you the courage.

If transportation is an issue, we can be mobile. 

No matter who you are - if you black or white, Spanish, Asian or native American, rich or poor, able, disable, gay or straight, young or old, at Change Your Life we're here to help you and put you on the way to recovery to become a better you. All you have to do is pick up the phone. 

Call NOW - It's free. Talk to JOSE. He has been in your situation and can take you to the "Other" side.

Phone: (813) 422-5625       

Available for 24 hours support

and consultation.

Don't forget - it's affordable.

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