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Meet Jose


Jose Colindres

Owner and Operator Jose Roberto Colindres Lopez is a former drug addict. 

In 2002 he was prescribed (without any warning) Oxycontin to address his back pain. It didn't take long for him to become addicted to the pain killer. After several failed attempts, he has overcome his personal addictions and is now on a personal mission to save others addicted to opiate drugs. More importantly, his goal is to provide treatment that ANYONE can afford.

If you are like Jose who tried unsuccessfully to quit on his own, you will welcome the unwavering, life-altering support provided by Change Your Life. Jose's experience allows him to walk you through the physical and emotional obstacles you are experiencing every day. He has worked with many people who wanted to become sober/clean but did not have the funds to do so with traditional solutions. With Change Your Life, money is not longer an obstacle.

Jose is very active in the community meeting with government representatives and molding legislation- anything that will help the cause.

He also speaks to different youth groups, encouraging and feeding their young minds with positive things. Change Your Life has made a difference in their lives and they have been successful and continue to be sober.

Are you tired of being tired?  

That means that you're ready to Change Your Life and start a new life full of positive results

Now you are not alone – you have Change Your Life!

There is HOPE!

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Change Your Life from Opiates Addiction INC.

Finally it is here - AFFORDABLE help for opiate addiction in the Tampa area

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